Child Care Services You Can Trust

School Bus ServiceAre you looking for the right day care for your child? Trust Little Stewart’s Day Care to provide the transportation and day care services you need for your child. We are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to better meet your needs and we provide nothing short of exceptional childcare services. We can pick up and drop off your child at school, as well as provide 24-hour childcare services.

Service Tailored for Your Child

We know that every child is different and we specialize in building a schedule that’s right for your child. We know that it’s important to keep your child on a routine when he or she is away from home and we strive to maintain a schedule while including plenty of fun and interactive activities throughout the day. One of the unique things about our company is that we are a 24-hour childcare and transportation service.

Activities for All Ages

Because our staff tailors our childcare services for each individual child, we are able to provide a wide variety of fun, interactive activities and games for children. From infants to toddlers, we have age-appropriate activities that your child will love.

Another added benefit of taking your child to Little Stewart’s Day Care is that he or she will be able to interact with many other kids who are around the same age as your little one. This provides important time for your child to interact, build relationships, and learn social skills at an early age. Call us today to learn more about our daily schedules and activities offered at Little Stewart’s Day Care!